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10:26 - 25th February 2013, by Matt Kamen

Vampiric Tendencies

Kouta Hirano's gothic Hellsing manga was, and remains, hugely popular, so it was no surprise when the 13-episode TV anime series appeared. Unfortunately, like so many others, it came out long before the source material was completed. Although both follow the efforts of a secret Holy Order to destroy the remnants of a Nazi group called Millennium, the anime featured a story far removed from the original material.

In 2006, as Hirano wound down the main Hellsing manga series (his prequel series, Hellsing: The Dawn is still ongoing), work began on the current stream of Hellsing Ultimate OVAs. While it's somewhat unusual to see a reboot opt for OVAs, the greater freedom of the format allowed the creators to more accurately translate Hirano's horrific and often graphically violent content to the screen. While the end result is a remarkably faithful adaptation, there are lengthy gaps between the release of each hour-long episode. An additional problem for fans in the west is that each one is usually a separate license, meaning licensors such as Manga Entertainment have to sign agreements per episode to bring them here. That said, the wait will soon be over, as Manga Entertainment are set to release parts 5-8 as a Blu-ray collection on 20 May!

This is an extract from a larger feature which originally appear in NEO issue 75

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