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13:25 - 7th April 2013, by NEO Staff

Bleach Season Four: The Bount

It's a blast from the past as NEO delves into its archives for a look back at the first four seasons of Bleach, the anime!

Events diverge from Kubo's manga in season four, in the first anime-original story arc. As Ichigo and the others try to re-acclimatise to everyday life and put their recent ordeals behind them as much as possible, they find themselves threatened by the Bounts - a twist on vampires; humans that consume other souls to gain a form of immortality, and powerful 'dolls', familiars that channel great powers for the Bount.

Convinced that Uryu, as the last known Quincy, is the only one who can grant them access to the world of death, the Bounts kidnap him, leading to another rescue attempt from Ichigo and company. Now aided by three more modified souls like Kon - although ones much better suited to combat - the team free him with surprising ease, but not before the Bounts' leader, Jin Kariya, escalates his plans for domination. After repeated clashes with the increasingly deluded Kariya and his followers, whose attacks on innocents call for more Soul Reapers to be stationed on Earth to defend people, Uryu surprisingly does exactly what Kariya wanted all along, opening a portal to Soul Society. Surely there's more to his actions though...

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