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13:00 - 28th April 2013, by NEO Staff

FANSERVICE: Bodacious Space Pirates

Just when we thought Yuichi Sasamoto's novels Miniskirt Pirates took the proverbial biscuit when it came to unashamedly pro-fanservice names, studio Statelight mosey on in and push the FS extremities that teensy bit further. Statelight decided the original title didn't quite do the series justice, and nor was it entirely accurate. So, for their adaptation they decided to go for Bodacious Space Pirates. To be fair, Statelight have a point. You see, there are space pirates. They are bodacious. But they are not always in miniskirts.

In fact, if it is outfits that make you giddy, episode 16 will knock you out. On top of a cast brimming with 'bodacious beauties' donning school uniforms (with miniskirts) or pirate-themed hats and jackets (also with matching miniskirts), this episode places the ladies' wardrobe decisions on a Mami Endo. She's best buddies with series lead Marika Kato, a high school girl who inadvertently becomes the captain of a space ship when her father passes away. Anyway, what you need to know about Mami is that she also works with Mariko at the local maid cafe (as if having a show with pirates and school girls wasn't enough), and when the female crew of Marika's newly found ship are in need of some new pirating outfits, she sorts them, cosplay style! Fear Marika, and her motley crew of naughty nurses, bunny girls, cheerleaders and a weirdo in a fuzzy kigurumi (there's always one). Fear them!
Of course, with a name like Bodacious Space Pirates, there is a beach-based episode. As is tradition. Statelight are a bit sadistic in their employment of bathing-based shenanigans, though. In episode six they hint that it's swimsuit time, only for it to be cut short - the teasers! Instead you'll have to wait until the girl's 20th outing to see bikini-clad space pirates of the bodacious variety.

Thus ends today's costume report. You're welcome.

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