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15:20 - 21st May 2013, by NEO Staff

Bakuman Boxout

Another show we brought to your attention in Anime Exposé - thereby obviously confirming us to possess the highest possible taste - is Bakuman. On the surface, it may seem a bit bland, being the tale of two friends trying to break into the manga industry. Yet, when that tale is told by writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata, the masterminds who created Death Note, it suddenly becomes much more interesting.

Lacking any supernatural elements whatsoever, Bakuman focuses on artistic wünderkind Moritaka 'Taka' Mashiro and his classmate Akito Takagi, who fancies himself a writer. With Taka lacking the confidence to make a go of comic book superstardom, Akito does what only best friends do - tells Taka's crush, aspiring voice actress Miho, that they're already working on a series and they want her to star in it if it gets animated.

Suitably motivated, the duo begins collaboration, and the show takes viewers through all the steps needed to bring a series to market. It's not just about the nuts-and-bolts mechanics though, as Bakuman has a wonderfully human air to it, detailing the friendship between the creative pair and their relationships in and outside the industry. There's even tragedy to overcome, with Taka's uncle having passed away a penniless failure after burning out as a one-hit wonder manga artist.

Light-hearted, educational, and always heartfelt, Bakuman is slice of life in the best way. The complete first season is due for release in spring 2013, courtesy of Kaze.

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