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10:25 - 22nd May 2013, by NEO Staff

Journey to Agartha

In mythology and Hollow Earth esotericism, Agartha is a country located at the planet's core (and has nothing to do with a mystery-penning novelist - that would be Agatha). That should give you some clue as to the nature of Journey to Agartha, the latest film from auteur director Makoto Shinkai. A lonely young girl, Asuna, learns of the subterranean society after a strange boy named Shun saves her from an impossible monster. When Shun is found dead and Asuna's teacher Morisaki proves to have connections to a secret organisation with ambitions of reaching Agartha, Asuna begins a voyage that will test the boundaries of life and death.

The film is Shinkai's most ambitious effort yet, once again delivering his trademark blend of human drama and romance, but presented in a far more complex and imaginative framework than viewers have seen from him before. Anyone familiar with Shinkai's earlier works (Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, 5 Centimeters Per Second) will also know to stock up on tissues now, as Journey to Agartha is to be another visually breathtaking and almost certainly heartbreaking experience - we're actually fairly certain the man is incapable of making a film that doesn't leave audiences sobbing.

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