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11:00 - 25th May 2013, by NEO Staff

Bodacious Space Pirates

Bodacious Space Pirates hugely impressed us when we looked at it in NEO 96's Anime Exposé section, drawing comparisons between it and the classic Martian Successor Nadesico, not least because both series claim Tatsuo Sato as their director. They're also both fun, female-led shows that excel in comedy and action - win-win, in our books!

Set in a far-off future where mankind has colonised the stars, hero Marika Kato is more of a retro girl. Focussed on school and working part-time in an antiquarian cafe, she leads a fairly quiet life. However, when her absentee father dies, she learns she's the inheritor of the Bentenmaru - a legally-authorised pirate space vessel - and its crew. Unfortunately, that also means a whole lot of people want to kill her for it. As Marika gets to know her new 'subordinates' - fierce warrior Chiaki Kurihara, helmsman Kane McDougal, medic Misa Grandwood and more - she is drawn into a universe of danger and excitement. But does she really want to follow in the family business, and if so, is she willing to pay the price of doing so?

Possibly setting some sort of record for shortest time between Japanese broadcast and UK release, Bodacious Space Pirates made its way to our shores in February, courtesy of MVM - just over a year after its original release. We could get used to that sort of turnaround time!

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