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13:42 - 6th June 2013, by NEO Staff

Dead or Alive 5

Just when we thought the Dead or Alive franchise had reached the pinnacle of perv, what with its infamous bouncy boob physics, bikinis and a spin-off series which places its buxom lady cast in a variety of swimsuits - as well as posing for photos and occasionally tossing volleyballs at each other - the boffins behind Dead or Alive come out with a new feature to make their series even more extreme in the fanservice department: sweat. That's right - we're talking about Tecmo Koei's brawler Dead or Alive 5!

While the likes of Lynx and brands of that ilk trying their hardest to fight off the wiffy dampness, DOA5 embraces it with gusto, going as far as including it as a major selling point in the game's product description. 'Characters can even perspire as they fight, with realistic depiction of wet skin, damp hair, and moist, semi-translucent clothing'. Oh my...

Another big draw to the series is its impressive costume count. You can unlock one for nearly every occasion. And by every occasion, we means those where self-respect, or the winter weather, is not an issue. The marketing bods are fully aware of how much fans are into wardrobe gathering, and sneakily threw in exclusive swimsuits for each character that you can only get with the collector's edition of the game.

However, for the massive Sega-fanboys out there, the biggest source of fanservice comes in the form of DOA5's new cast members; Akira Yuki, Sarah Bryant and Pai Cha from the technical bash 'em-up Virtua Fighter. Now, there's an excuse to keep coming back for more!

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