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09:00 - 23rd June 2013, by David West

Black Rock Shooter

Somewhere, in a strange alien landscape, a group of black-clad female warriors are engaged in a ferocious battle. The ground is twisted and broken from the intensity of their combat, as they unleash the terrifying power of their extraordinary weapons. But, to be honest, all that might as well be on the activity schedule of a hippie love commune when compared to what goes down in the corridors and playgrounds of junior high school...

In the otherworld, the fiercest of the warriors is the girl known as Black Rock Shooter. She might be a mere slip of a lass, but she wields her weapons with deadly skill, whether fighting hand-to-hand with a sword, or trying to blast her opponents into atoms using a massive energy weapon on her arm called the Rock Cannon. She is completely at ease in the heat of battle, an implacable, unstoppable engine of destruction with a blue flame burning in her eyes. She also looks suspiciously like school girl Mato Kuroi.

Mato is just starting junior high school and lives with her mother and her kid brother. She loves to play basketball but does not possess any energy cannons or burning eldritch flames. Yet there is a connection between these two girls. They might be separated across dimensions, but as Mato experiences hardships and conflict in her life at school, Black Rock Shooter fights ever more ferociously against the opponents that confront her in the otherworld that is her decimated home. What links these two very different lives? Find out in Black Rock Shooter from Manga Entertainment!

This is an extract from a longer feature which originally appeared in issue 110.

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