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15:01 - 9th July 2013, by NEO Staff

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the top tier anime series on the shelves - so what better title to scrutinise for fanservice?! We've shown countless examples of how directors include 'treats' to excite fans, everything from gratuitous shower scenes, to the panty shot. One thing we forgot to mention is that marketers use the same trick - and in Eva they're pimping it from the get go. Switch the language track to Japanese and take your pick of the 'Next Episode!' preview clips and you'll find a cheeky Misato enticing the interest of the perverse with promises of 'saabisu' (service) in the next episode, and before an unsuspecting 'fan' knows it, they've watched all 26 episodes in hope of some cleavage and are instead left lost, confused and wondering what the hell just happened.

Thanks to the effectiveness of this marketing tactic, enough saabisu-holics tuned in that they picked up on one particular piece of Eva-lingo and adapted it to their twisted means. The phrase they took was 'zettai ryouiki', literally meaning 'absolute territory', referred to as the Absolute Terror Field of the Eva units in the English dub. They used it to refer to a very different territory fond both on and off screen - the bare flesh between the hem of a skirt and the top of a girl's socks or stocking! Terrible, absolutely.

Scenes of a robotic nature can be fanservice too! And you'll be please to know they don't involve onsens or bikinis. At its basic meaning, fanserivce is the use of anything that causes excitement on the viewer, and let's face it, massive mecha are damn exciting.

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