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09:48 - 30th September 2013, by David West

Deadman Wonderland

It was just another day at school for Ganta Igarashi when a figure clad in red rags appeared outside the classroom window - which was of particular cause for concern, as Ganta's class is not on the ground floor. Moments later the glass shattered as the figure burst through the window - and then, the screaming started. Of the 30 pupils in the room, Ganta was the only one who survived the carnage that followed.

One hurried trial later, Ganta was convicted of the murder of his classmates and dispatched to Deadman Wonderland, a publicly funded but privately run prison. Within its walls, the inmates are forced to participate in contests and twisted games for the amusement of the paying public. But the prison hides a darker secret, an arena where prisoners with ghastly superpowers battle to the death. And Ganta is about to join their ranks.

The prison that is Ganta's new home is located in what was once the heart of Tokyo. Ten years earlier, a massive earthquake called the Red Hole Disaster destroyed most of the city. Now Deadman Wonderland stands in its place. The sprawling facility is a destination for school trips and family outings as people travel from all over Japan to experience the strange funfair inside the prison. They can ride the Ferris wheel, or watch the prisoners take part in games for their amusement. Participation is not voluntary. All the prisoners wear collars around their necks that steadily release poison into their bodies. The antidote is Candy, which the inmates must consume at least once every three days if they want to keep drawing breath. The way to earn Candy, as well as food and privileges within Deadman Wonderland, is by building up Cast Points, and the only way to get those is to take part in the fun and games organised by the prison. But what the public don't realise - or choose to ignore - is the lethal nature of these contests. The Dog Run is an obstacle course race where the contestants have to navigate a series of challenges that include swinging pendulums, missiles and flamethrowers. Unfortunately for the participants, the pendulums are razor sharp, the missiles aim to kill, and the flames are real, not special effects. If that wasn't bad enough, it is only a front for the real action in Deadman Wonderland, the Carnival Corpse. But that event is only for very special inmates...

Thus concludes our lightning tour. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us and gained an insight into the invaluable work we do in rehabilitating offenders. If you would like a memento of your visit to share with the folks at home, pick up Deadman Wonderland on DVD or Blu-ray from Manga Entertainment.

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