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14:55 - 3rd October 2013, by NEO Staff

Waiting in the Summer

What happens when an amateur teenage filmmaker meets a girl who is out of this world (literally), and it's summer? You have a mighty fine opportunity for fanservice during beach-episodes (plus short-skirt prime time), that's what!

Welcome to MVM's latest offering to feature a top-heavy alien babe with the hots for weedy schoolboys... It can only be Waiting in the Summer. Or Urusei Yatsura. Or Tenchi Muyo. Or
Birdy the Mighty. Or... You get the idea.

The intergalactic love interest this time round is former NEO cover star Ichika Takatsuki (see issue 112). Armed with bright auburn hair, norks the size of her head, and a skirt packing less surface area than the bras keeping said norks under control, you could quite rightly say she's the typical 'magical girl' type often found in these kind of tales. However, she has two defining characteristics that those before her do not; she wears glasses (meganekko fans, sorted) and she dons a super cute school uniform (cosplayers, rejoice). Okay, so the requirements for individuality are somewhat lower these days amongst bosomed beauties, but if a big-boobed bespeckled ginger fox floats your ferry, Waiting in the Summer is exactly what you've been waiting (ahem) for!

As mentioned, there is, of course, a beach episode. Episode six sees the students filming in Okinawa - Japan's bikini paradise for sun, sea and everything in-between - so expect swimsuits by the bucketful. However, the fanservice isn't all based around eye-candy. For fans of sci-fi and anime in general, keep an eye out for references to Men in Black and Highschool of the Dead, amongst others.

Back to regular fanservice debauchery: if it's the full blown nudies you want, stick to the series Earthling Mio Kitahara. Raised as a nudist, she has a strict no-clothes policy in her house - something we tried to implement in the office once. Once...

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