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15:00 - 26th October 2013, by David West

Unleash Your Will Of Fire

Are you stuck in a dead end job? Have you bumped your head on the glass ceiling of your career? Break down those barriers to success using the techniques of the shinobi. In association with Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: The Will of Fire, NEO presents a life coaching, skills workshop, team building exercise presentation. David West takes notes.

It is not easy to make it in the rough and tumble world of the shinobi. There are advanced jutsu to master, enemies to battle, and missions to complete. But with hard work, dedication, and the right attitude, you can rise through the ranks from Jonin to Chunin to Genin and thereafter - who knows? Maybe all the way to Hokage. That is the goal that Naruto Uzumaki has set for himself. While his journey is far from complete, he is driven by a Will of Fire that propels him ever upwards and onwards even in the face of adversity. So, to help those undertaking the life of a shinobi, whether neophytes or veterans in the ways of the ninja, we humbly present How To Succeed In Life, Work And Combat: The Will Of Fire Way.

Naruto did not have the most promising start in life. As a babe, he was given the heavy burden of housing the spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon that threatened to destroy his home, the Hidden Leaf Village. As the child with the Fox Demon inside, he was possessed of a fiery temper, and young Naruto was an outcast amongst the other children. But he didn't let their attempts to ostracise him make him into a bitter outsider. Instead, Naruto used this challenge as a fuel for his fire to become accepted by the people of the Hidden Leaf. Never one for half measures, Naruto also vowed to become the leader of the Village; the Hokage. Naruto's refusal to be defined by the negative experiences of his youth stands in contrast to other shinobi who have been unable to rise above their pasts - like Hiruko, whose bitter story unfolds in The Will Of Fire. This shinobi lived through the Third Great Ninja War, but was never as strong as his friends from the Hidden Leaf - Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade. Feeling weak and insecure, he rejected their camaraderie and set out on a quest to gain ultimate power. Yet power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Hiruko's choices out him on the dark path to evil. Don't make the same mistake - let go of your past and embrace the possibilities of the future. Use the kindling of your past to light your Will of Fire. And don't be an evil jerk.

Life as a ninja is defined by codes and rules that are vital to keep the peace between the five major nations. As Kakashi Sensei told Naruto when he first started his training, 'Those who break the code of the ninja are scum.' That sounds mighty absolute, but Kakashi added one vital caveat - 'But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.'

Whether you are a shinobi or a salesman, a warrior or a waitress, there are rules that help govern your life. They are not to be treated lightly, but, as Naruto knows all too well, sometimes rules have to be bent and broken in the service of the greater good. In The Will Of Fire, Naruto's beloved teacher Kakashi Sensei must choose between undertaking a suicide mission or witnessing the outbreak of The Fourth Great Ninja War and the destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village. Faced with that dilemma, he chooses the mission, and Tsunade commands all the ninja in the village not to interfere. But Naruto can't just sit back and watch his teacher face this mission alone. Going after Kakashi means disobeying a direct order from Lady Tsunade, but Naruto remembers that while breaking the rules is bad, not helping your friends is far worse. When faced with a tough choice in life, work or love, trust your Will of Fire to steer you true. But if you do get caught breaking the rules, always have someone close by that you can blame. That's the shinobi way.

There are those who believe that success on any grand scale must be the result of some innate talent within the individual - some elusive special quality that is present from birth and can't be taught or passed on to others. But there is a persuasive counter argument, which is that hard work creates talent, that the primary engine of success is determination. One shining example of this idea is Rock Lee. This shinobi grew up without any aptitude for ninjutsu or genjutsu - he has no special powers like Naruto and the rest of the young ninja of the Hidden Leaf. None of this has stopped Lee from becoming a respected and valued figure among his contemporaries. He has achieved this by pouring all his considerable energy into the study and practice of taijutsu - the ninja art of hand-to-hand combat. As a result, Lee is now a taijutsu master, and ranks amongst the finest fighters in all of the Hidden Leaf. Talent is a wonderful thing, but for anyone to reach their full potential, talent must be developed and nurtured through sheer hard work. And no one likes a show off.

Developing new skills and refining existing ones should be a lifetime activity, not one merely confined to the time spent in school or college. Many shinobi demonstrate the truth of his maxim. Ino Yamanaka studied the ninjutsu techniques of her clan and is highly adept at the Mind Body Switch Technique, but when she realised she wanted to expand her skill set, she turned to her friend Sakura and requested to begin medical training. Similarly, Sakura has been studying medicine for a long time, but was dissatisfied with her combat skills. Thanks to intensive study with Lady Tsunade, Sakura now packs a punch so powerful she can split the very ground asunder.

And then of course there is Naruto. After being easily defeated by his former friend Sasuke, Naruto undertook long periods of training with his master Jiraiya and Kakashi Sensei. Now he can produce a legion of shadow clones and in addition to his Rasengan attack, he has added wild jutsu to his arsenal in the form of the Wind Release Rasenshuriken. Proof you are never too old for personal growth. But you can be too old to wear Crocs. Basically, never wear Crocs. They're awful.

Put the principles of The Will of Fire into practice in your everyday life and see results in just four weeks or your money back guaranteed*! For more inspiration, see Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: The Will Of Fire on Blu-ray and DVD from Manga Entertainment, out now.
*Guarantee void on planet Earth.

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