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10:00 - 27th October 2013, by NEO Staff

Autumnal Anime

Summer may be nearly over, but fear not - because as the days draw in and there's less reason to leave the house (and certainly no more shame in "missing the sunshine"), the anime distributors have your back with a wealth of titles to enjoy as you wonder when the Christmas songs are going to start kicking in...

MVM's two licence rescues, Pumpkin Scissors and Red Garden, are both reviewed in NEO 115. Dropped when ADV went under, both had only managed individual volume releases, but MVM has released both as collections so UK fans can enjoy the shows in their entirety.
Manga Entertainment, meanwhile, continued its release of fan favourites Clannad (with After Story Complete), Bleach season 11, Naruto season 14, and One Piece collection 3, all out now. The company also had some new shows up its sleeve, with Lupin 3rd: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine also reviewed in issue 115.

If it's movies you're after, From Up On Poppy Hill from distributors StudioCanal is out now, as well as Manga's Fate/Stay movie, Unlimited Blade Works.

This month was dotted with new shows, from Manga's Appleseed XIII to MVM's C For Control, Linebarrels of Iron, and Heaven's Memo Pad, as well as the rerelease the quirky FLCL on Blu-ray for the first time.

C For Control was featured in issue 86, and concerns an economics student named Yoga Kimimaro, who is forced into the allegorical world of the Financial District, where Entrepreneurs fight for their investments in literal battles, complete with flame-wielding assistants called Assets.

Heaven's Memo Pad is slightly less abstract, concerning a team of social recluses who form an amateur detective agency, while Linebarrels of Iron is set in an alternate reality featuring amnesiacs, robots and superhuman abilities...

If all that wasn't enough, November brings MVM's releases of Arakawa Under The Bridge, Shangri-La, Another Collection and the OVA series of Patlabor Mobile Police. Stay tuned for future issues to find out more about these titles.

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