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10:00 - 21st December 2013, by David West

Zombies in Anime

Anime has a rich tradition of blending western and eastern myth and legend to bring a new take on the ever popular zombie tradition.

Sometimes the evil undead look suitably grotesque, like the flesh hungry zombies of Manga's High School Of The Dead. However in Shikabane Hime: Corpse Princess (also from Manga), the monster-slaying Makina Hoshimura looks like a regular school girl, but is actually undead herself. In order to end her unnatural life, Makina must slay 108 walking corpses. If she succeeds, her soul will be released from this mortal coil and she can finally rest in peace, but until she hits her goal, she's going to have a lot of blood on her hands.

With her twin sub-machine guns, Makina cuts an imposing figure in battle. Sadly the same can't be said for Ayumu Aikawa, the hero (we use the word advisedly) of Is This A Zombie? from MVM Entertainment. After he was unlucky enough to be slain by a serial killer, Ayumu was resurrected by Eucliwood Hellscythe, a necromancer. Now he's a zombie, super tough, highly durable and, due to mishap with a magical girl, he now charges into battle in a frilly maid's outfit. It rather diminishes his chances of intimidating his opponents. Good thing he's hard to kill. Or un-kill, since he's undead. Oh, you get the gist.

Ayumu is not the only boy to be brought back from the dead in the world of anime. In Princess Resurrection (Manga), unlucky teenager Hiro is squashed flat as a pancake when he saves a girl from a falling steel beam. That should have been his number well and truly up, but the young lady in question, Hime, is a Princess of the Monster Kingdom and she uses her magic to bring Hime back from his sticky end. All she wants in return is his eternal devotion and obedience as her new manservant and royal bodyguard. No such thing as a free lunch. Poor Hiro has to contend with all of Hime's jealous relatives and the enemies out for her blood, not to mention man-eating plants, zombies and vampires. It's not a very peaceful afterlife, but it's the only one he's got.

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