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16:00 - 22nd December 2013, by David West

Anime Vamps: Children Of The Night

Not all anime vampires are frightening. Some of them are downright amorous, like Moka Akashiya in Rosario + Vampire (MVM). She's a student at Yokai Academy, a special school just for monsters and one hapless human who, through some bizarre twist of fate or administrative error, joins Moka's class. He is Tsukune Aono, the only human in a school of werewolves, witches and a snow woman. If Tsukune wants to stay alive, he'll have to hide his humanity from the rest of the pupils, but on the plus side he has Moka to protect him - the nubile vampire girl wants his blood all to herself.

Hellsing Ultimate (Manga) ranks high on any list of bloodiest horror anime and the series is replete with ghouls and vampires. In this case, ghouls are dead humans reanimated to be used in battle where they prove highly effective due to not feeling any pain or fear. They have to be fairly well dismembered to stop them. The vampires of Hellsing Ultimate, most notably the anti-hero of the tale, Alucard, are a frightening bunch possessed with a wide range of supernatural abilities including, but not limited to, terrifying strength, shape-shifting, mind control and teleportation. Alucard is a name to strike dread into the heart of even the mightiest monster slayer, and the immortal vampire is not someone you would wish to find standing on your doorstep on Halloween uttering the words, 'Trick or Treat'.

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