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16:00 - 24th January 2014, by NEO Staff

Patema Inverted

Last year, Scotland Love Anime film festival played host to several premieres and movie showings. The festival's unquestionable hit was Yasuhiro Yoshiura's Patema Inverted, a feature-length sci-fi work about a girl who escapes her own underground world, only to discover that she is literally gravity-defying on the surface, and will float away into the sky unless anchored to something - a premise not all that dissimilar to the forthcoming Kirsten Dunst movie Upside Down. In the wrong moe hands, this could have all too easily turned into My Girlfriend is a Party Balloon, but Yoshiura uses it as a wonderful chance to experiment with shonky perspectives, vertiginous changes in angle, and a prolonged exercise in how boys and girls never quite see the world the same world. Patema falls in love with Age, a boy from the surface, and both defy the elders of their own tribes in a romance that changes both their worlds.

Patema Inverted also scored the odd and unprecedented success of winning both the Judges' Award and the Audience Award at the festival. For the judges, it was regarded as an ambitious, coherent film with negligible flaws and requiring no prior knowledge to enjoy it. For the audience, made to vote with a complex ratings system involving hundreds of coloured lolly-sticks and four paper bags, Patema Inverted scored consistently high on the Very Good and Good categories, with almost no haters.

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