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16:00 - 2nd February 2014, by Matt Kamen

Space Dandy

It's not even begun airing in Japan yet, but trust us - the upcoming Space Dandy is going to be one of 2014's biggest anime series! Why? It's famed director Shinichiro Watanabe's return to the realms of sci-fi, a genre he last touched on in a little series called Cowboy Bebop!

Don't expect the new work to be a lazy retread of past glories though - Watanabe is a creator defined by his diverse filmography. Unlike its predecessor's more serious nature, Space Dandy is set to be a riotous comedy, following the eponymous Dandy on his haphazard travels across the universe in search of alien life. Joined by his malfunctioning robot assistant QT and a feline alien called, appropriately enough, Meow, the trio are on a mission to boldly go where - well, you know the rest! It's no noble voyage though, as each new species the team discover nets them a huge finder's fee. The vast unknown is a dangerous place though, with rival explorers, pirates, and hostile life forms standing in their way - but it may be Dandy's own egotism, narcissism, and woman-chasing that proves to be the greatest threat!

Animated by Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka Seven) and reuniting several creatives from Cowboy Bebop - notably screenwriter Dai Sato - global anticipation for Space Dandy is so high that the series will be premiering on Adult Swim in America in January, already dubbed into English. Japanese broadcast follows shortly afterwards, and All the Anime will be providing a simultaneous UK stream, with a physical Blu-ray release at the end of 2014!

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