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11:00 - 3rd May 2014, by NEO Staff

Space Dandy

Space Dandy is the dandiest guy in space and a hit with the ladies - at least in his own mind. To everyone else, he's a bumbling alien hunter with an over-inflated ego and a contraceptive personality. Comedy and sci-fi collide at warp speed as the creators of Cowboy Bebop reunite for this season's most anticipated new anime!

The future is... strange. As humanity has stepped out into the great beyond, so too have we encountered countless alien species, all more incredible than can scarcely be believed. Travelling the universe in his run-down ship, the Aloha Oe, our not-so-heroic hero Dandy seeks out unknown life forms and the hefty reward that comes with a confirmed discovery.

Unfortunately, his efforts to find new life and new civilisations - indeed, to boldly go where no alien hunter has gone before - are often curtailed by his hedonistic tendencies. Chiefly, that involves wasting his hours chasing tail at BooBies, an interplanetary chain of 'breastaurants' where the finest females of every alien persuasion serve up a bevy of food and entertainment.

Dandy's inept antics instead see him caught in outrageous situations, with little but dubious charm and a malfunctioning blaster to see him through. From being catapulted across the galaxy while racing to redeem a loyalty card, to tracking down interdimensional ramen, Dandy is hardly the debonair adventurer he fancies himself. Luckily, his worst excesses are slightly restrained by the rest of his hapless crew - QT, a prissy robot who looks and acts like a vacuum cleaner but is in severe need of a firmware update, and Meow, a social media-obsessed Betelgeusian alien who just happens to look and act like an Earth cat.

Despite his near-total idiocy, Dandy has somehow attracted the wrath of the Gogol Empire, and is hunted across the universe by the bizarre Dr Gel - a talking gorilla in a wig, dressed like a pimp, and brandishing a blinging eyepatch. The flagship of Gel's armada has, of course, a masthead of the Statue of Liberty wearing a ball gag. Somehow, we get the impression that Space Dandy is not a show to be taken too seriously!

It's just the right kind of insane - a series of uproarious capers, filled with incredible visuals and bold, offbeat adventures. It's a show where seemingly anything can happen, up to and including the death of the entire cast in the first episode (relax; they're fine by the second!).

For one of the best looking, purely enjoyable series currently being produced, head over to, where the series is streaming for free in English and Japanese!

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