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12:00 - 3rd August 2014, by NEO Staff

Nanana’s Buried Treasure

To the best of our knowledge, schoolgirls don’t typically have access to ancient artefacts of immeasurable power. Nanana Ryugajo did, though – but since she died, she’s more interested in games and pudding than helping anyone find her buried treasure!

In life, Nanana was a great adventurer and junior pioneer. As one of the ‘Great Seven’, she helped found Nanae Island, a semi-autonomous state dedicated to exceptional young people. She also gave Lara Croft a run for her money, gathering arcane and powerful items from around the world. To Nanana, the joy was in the adventure, and the objects recovered merely a bonus – the real prize was the quest itself, and the thrill of battling alongside her friends. Then, she was killed; not by some ancient trap or weapon, but in the safety of her own home.

Ten years later, Jugo Yama moves to Nanae, eager to leave his family home behind and escape the watchful eye of his oppressive father. He’s even found a great place to live with dirt cheap rent – but his new landlady Shiki Maboro neglected to mention he’d be sharing it with Nanana’s ghost. Bound to the apartment she died in, the once-adventurous girl has been forced to pass eternity playing online games and downing endless amounts of pudding (good thing ghosts can’t gain weight!). After recovering from the shock of learning the afterlife is real, Jugo strikes up a friendship with Nanana, while acclimatising to life on the island.

This is no mere ‘boy meets ghost’ comedy though, as Jugo is soon conscripted by the school’s Adventure Club, dedicated to uncovering the Nanana Collection – the lost treasures she hid away before her death. Each one is purported to possess incredible powers, but is protected by a fiendish puzzle trap. Club president Isshin Yuiga sees Jugo as the key to getting Nanana to spill the beans on the locations and defences protecting each relic, but the spirited spirit isn’t giving anything away. Meanwhile, aspiring detective Tensai Ikkyu has her own plans for Jugo, moving in next door to keep an eye on him. Jugo is unsure who to trust, but he has secrets of his own that no one is expecting – dead or alive.

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