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10:21 - 4th August 2014, by David West

Psycho-Pass Character Roster

NEO’s hacked the Sybil System to bring you insider info on the Public Safety Bureau personnel you’ll encounter in Manga’s Psycho-Pass, due out 1 September.

Akane Tsunemori was the top student in her class at school and through college. Everyone in society is evaluated by the Sybil System to determine which career they are most suitable for – then you take up the job the System has chosen for you. You might dream of being an astronaut or a brain surgeon, but if Sybil decides you’d make a good street sweeper, them’s the breaks, kid.

But Akane is the exception to the rule. Akane aced every test she has ever taken and was ranked first in the aptitude test for several different fields, so she actually had a choice in the direction of her career path. Seeking a challenge, she chose law enforcement and has just joined The Public Safety Bureau as an Inspector. You might expect new Inspectors to be thoroughly trained in all aspects of crime fighting, but the inescapable presence of the Sybil System has removed most of the guesswork from law enforcement. Inspectors carry Dominators, weapons directly linked to Sybil that evaluate any target to determine the level of their Crime Coefficient. If it is unacceptable, the trigger unlocks and the weapon can be fired, delivering either a non-lethal charge, or, in situations where the perpetrator’s Crime Coefficient is exceptionally high, the Dominator will approve the instant elimination of the target, allowing the wielder to administer lethal force. Judge, jury and executioner all at your fingertips.

Akane joins Unit One of the Criminal Investigation Division, working alongside Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza, a stickler for procedure, following orders, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’. He’s not exactly a bundle of warm fuzziness. Based on the principal that it takes a thief to catch a thief, Inspectors like Akane and Ginoza work alongside people known as Enforcers. If someone’s Psycho-Pass starts to become cloudy, they are usually referred to a state-run counselling programme to help them clear their profile and prevent them becoming a menace to society. However, certain individuals display the dormant characteristics of a lawbreaker even though they haven’t acted on those impulses yet. Classified as Latent Criminals thanks to their high Crime Coefficients and cloudy Psycho-Passes, they may be chosen to work as Enforcers.

Nicknamed Hunting Dogs for their talent of tracking down lawbreakers, their purpose is to handle much of the dirty work during investigations, to help alleviate the pressure on Inspectors whose Psycho-Passes might be adversely impacted by too much close contact with criminality. Four Enforcers work alongside Akane and Ginoza – wise-cracking Shusei Kagari, former rocker Yayoi Kunizuka, tough veteran Tomomi Masaoka, and the brooding and intense Shinya Kogami. Guess which one Akane is drawn to?

Shinya Kogami is a damn good Enforcer – smart, efficient, just a little ruthless. But he constantly butts heads with Ginoza who believes that Kogami is unhealthily obsessed with an old, unsolved case. It all ties in to a case in which Kogami’s old partner was killed in gruesome fashion. The only clues he has to the perpetrator’s identity are a blurry photograph and the name Makashima. It’s not much to go on, but Kogami is stubborn as a mule and determined to track down the man behind his partner’s death. In the meantime, Kogami remains an elite Enforcer, his physical fitness honed to razor sharpness in the gym (where he mangles his android training partners), while his instinct for rooting out criminals could put a bloodhound to shame. Despite her lack of on-the-job experience, Kogami seems to have high expectations for Akane. Can this Hunting Dog sniff out talent as well as trouble?

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