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13:47 - 30th September 2014, by NEO Staff

Captain Earth

Giant robots, buxom hackers, pseudoscience aplenty, alien vampires from the dark side of the moon, government conspiracies – there’s a lot to see in Captain Earth. This coming of age tale is heavy on the space battles and transformation sequences and even heavier on – the power of the human libido?!

Nine years ago, Daichi Manatsu’s astronaut father died in space. When Daichi, now a teenager, sees a circular rainbow on the island of Tanegashima, memories of his childhood come back. He visits the island and is drawn into a secret war between Globe, a military group protecting the Earth, and the Killtgang, strange creatures attacking from the far side of the moon. Learning his father secretly battled against the aliens, Daichi reluctantly follows in his footsteps to become Earth’s protector.

Daichi comes into possession of Livlaster, a powerful weapon that uses orgone energy, derived from life and sex, and combines it with his years of video game experience to become a natural mecha pilot for Globe. In the Earth Engine Impacter, he fights alongside his friends Arashi Teppei, Hana Mutou, and Akari Yomatsuri, each bringing a unique skill to the battle. Arashi draws power from a singularity to warp the world around him; the enigmatic Hana has a strange connection to the energy that powers the Earth Engine; and Akari is a genius hacker obsessed with magical girls. Together, they are the Midsummer Knights, the only thing that stands between Earth and the Killtgang.

However, Daichi’s enemies are on Earth as well as in space. The Globe organisation is continually hampered by its cryptic observer group, Salty Dog. Two political factions battle behind the scenes for control of Earth’s destiny, which is held in an orbital space station. An even shadier corporation, the Macbeth Group, plots their own revolution, playing Globe and the Killtgangs against each other for a third mysterious agenda.

The apocalypse is approaching fast. If even one Killtgang reaches the Earth, they will devour the life energy of the planet. Daichi and his friends have to keep together to hold them off, but are plagued by troubling questions. Where did Livlaster come from? What is buried under Tanegashima Island? Can Daichi fill his father’s shoes as pilot of the Earth Engine? And what’s with all the Shakespeare references?
Expect plenty of high-stakes battles in Earth orbit, shady backroom politics and a fun ride as Daichi and friends battle for the Earth! Captain Earth is streaming to the UK now, via

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