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11:00 - 26th December 2014, by NEO Staff

Tokyo ESP

There’s something strange going around Tokyo: an infection of sorts. People are developing superpowers and picking sides in a rapidly escalating battle. Caught in the middle are schoolgirl Rinka Urushiba, a guy with a crow head, and a lot of flying goldfish. This is going to get strange…

Tokyo at Christmas, one of the most crowded times of the year for one of the world’s major population centres. Terror strikes. A cadre of Espers – people with various abilities – attack the innocent, declaring humanity’s time over. All seems lost, but for legends of the White Girl, a noble Esper who stood up for the defenceless against her own kind.

Flashback several months, and the “White Girl” is the “late girl”, as Rinka races between her part time waitressing job and school. Living with her father, a former police officer, times are tough and she dreams of being able to create a better life for them both. However, she’s so worn out that she thinks she’s hallucinating when she sees a penguin and shoal of goldfish swimming through the sky – until one of them sails right into her. Heading home to sleep the experience off, she wakes up in the apartment below, having somehow become immaterial.
When she meets Kyoutarou Azuma, an upperclassman from her school with the ability to teleport, he convinces her to join him in using their newfound powers to fight crime. Whenever Rinka uses her abilities, her hair turns stark-white, helping her keep a secret identity, while Kyoutarou opts for a terrifying crow mask / helmet.

Their early adventures together see them tackling invisible bank robbers and getting involved with the yakuza, but it’s not all superhero-team-up action. A mysterious figure calling himself the Professor is gathering up Espers, seducing them with promises of domination and plans to unleash the power-granting fish. Can Rinka, Kyoutarou, and their slowly expanding band of allies use their powers to combat the Professor’s growing threat? More importantly, where did the fish come from, and why is that flying penguin so important?

Funimation has already licensed Tokyo ESP for the US, and while that meant we were stuck for legal streams of the series, it hopefully bodes well for a speedy Blu-ray release in the UK soon.

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