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10:03 - 9th September 2015, by NEO Staff

A Certain Magical Index

Toma Kamijo lives in Academy City, where youngsters called ESPers are trained in the use of their special abilities. Pupils are ranked by their power level, but Kamijo is a Level 0, the very lowest, as he has no special abilities. Well, apart from one. His right hand holds the power of The Imagine Breaker which allows Kamijo to negate any special abilities in other people. Index is a young girl who is on the run from the organisation known as Necessarius. Her special ability is her uncanny talent for holding vast amounts of information in her mind, and Necessarius wants to acquire the knowledge and power of the thousands of forbidden magical texts that reside in Index’s noggin. They don’t care who they have to go through to get it. Kamijo’s Imagine Breaker is going to be mighty busy.

A Certain Magical Index is adapted from a series of night novels by director Hiroshi Nishikiori, who directed the sci-fi action show Jyu-Oh-Sei, while series writer Masanao Akahoshi has a history of battling babes shows with credits on Freezing and Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians. Animatsu will release A Certain Magical Index on DVD and Blu-ray. The distributor has also acquired the spin-off, A Certain Scientific Railgun, out in October.

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