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11:00 - 27th September 2015, by NEO Staff

Anime Exposé Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Everyone knows the teen years bring about some shocking changes to your body – but actually changing bodies isn’t usually one of them! Yet for trouble-maker Ryu Yamada and studious but stoic Urara Shiraishi, their newly discovered ability to body-hop is just the tip of a very confusing iceberg.

When Ryu and Urara bump into each other on the stairs, they fall head over heels. Literally, that is, tumbling back down the steps. Ryu doesn’t quite feel himself when he wakes up – and he’s not, finding himself trapped in the altogether more feminine form of Urara. For her part, she seems oddly cool with the swap, and has rushed back to class in his body, a move that threatens Ryu’s bad boy street cred.

Trying to figure out what’s happened to them – including throwing themselves repeatedly down the stairs in an attempt to swap back – the pair eventually realise they can switch bodies at will with a kiss. How and why this ability has emerged remains a mystery, but as they explore its potential, they begin to get a feel for each other’s lives. Ryu learns that despite her academic success, Urara is lonely and often bullied, while Urara begins to understand the reasons for Ryu’s dislike of school.

Of course, it can’t be as simple as mutual emotional discovery. Enter Toranosuke Miyamura, vice-president of the student council and apparently last remaining member of the Supernatural Studies Club. Deducing the truth behind the duo’s strange behaviour, he all but blackmails them into joining, offering them the abandoned club room to switch bodies in private while sating his own curiosity over their powers. Then the excitable Miyabi Ito forces her way in, an over-eager paranormal junkie who believes everything she reads. Her involvement makes Ryu and Urara keeping their odd ability secret near impossible.

But they’re not the only students with strange powers blossoming. With the Supernatural Studies Club back in session – whether half its members want it to be or not – they begin uncovering other “witches” at the school, with powers including telepathy, precognition, and memory manipulation, all activated with a kiss. With Ryu’s connection to the girls (and more than a few boys) a mystery, it’s going to take a lot of smooching to sort it all out!

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