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15:00 - 27th September 2015, by NEO Staff

Anime Exposé Blood Blockade Battlefront

It’s been three years since the Big Apple was turned into a melting pot of demons, monsters, and the mundane folks still living there (they’re New Yorkers; they adapt quickly). With the city shrouded in a mysterious fog barrier, only one bridge remains as a link to outside world. Those who come here tend to do so only to exploit the precarious balance of power, or to be forgotten.

Leonardo Watch isn’t quite sure which of those he wants. Gifted with “All Seeing Eyes” by a demonic entity at the cost of his already ailing sister Michella’s sight, he initially came to the city consumed by guilt, searching for a way to restore her to full health. Trying to find work as a photographer doesn’t go well though, and after a hell-monkey steals his camera, a series of unfortunate events and a case of mistaken identity finds him becoming the latest agent of Libra.

An organisation watching over the balance of power between monsters and humans, Libra is headed up by Klaus V Reinherz, a giant of a man who looks distinctly like a werewolf. He’s not – but fellow agent Chain Sumeragi is. Other members include the hot blooded Zapp Renfro, sharpshooter K.K., and mysterious second-in-command Steven A. Starphase. Many are masters of blood fighting combat styles, allowing them to go toe to toe with the monsters that rampage through Hellsalem’s Lot, and those who don’t have other fierce superpowers.
As for Leonardo, his ability is passive, but not without merit. As he finds a place for himself within Libra, being able to see the truth in all things, or ferret out the tiniest clue proves invaluable – and that’s only scratching the surface of his potential. But those same talents make him a target of the insane Femt, the self-anointed “King of Depravity” who sows discord throughout the city.

Yet with the battle lines drawn between Libra and Femt’s Thirteen Kings crime syndicate, even greater stakes emerge – whoever controls Hellsalem’s Lot will dominate the world for the next thousand years!

A thrilling series from some of Japan’s top talents, expect Blood Blockade Battlefront to come to UK Blu-ray in 2016!

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