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15:00 - 27th December 2015, by NEO Staff

Anime Exposé School-Live!

Cute girls taking part in adorable activities – we’ve seen it a thousand times before in anime. So why is a series about four classmates and their after-school club one of the most shocking and highly censored shows of the season?

PTSD: The Series

Yuki Takeya is your typical ditzy anime heroine. A bit clumsy and a touch over-excitable, Yuki is ultimately well-meaning. She’s generally a below average student, but she really enjoys school lately. That’s largely because she, along with friends Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yūri Wakasa, and Miki Naoki, have formed the School Living Club, where they camp out at the Megurigaoka Private High School each night.
Every evening, the girls share a tent and tell each other ghost stories, while by day, Yuki shares her adventures with friends outside of the club. It’s bad news when Miki catches her doing it, though – because that’s when we realise almost everyone is dead, and Yuki’s cheerful life is a tragic illusion, created while she’s barely maintaining her grip on reality.
In truth, the four girls are holed up in the school, riding out the zombie apocalypse, along with teacher Megumi Sakura – who they refer to with the familial “Megu-nee”, much to her annoyance – and Taromaru, a small dog. Everyone they know is a shambling corpse, their supplies are running low, and they have no idea when or if help will ever arrive.
There are hints that something is amiss early on. Kurumi, always carrying a shovel, “jokes” about it having the best kill ratio. In an actual school club show, it would be because she’d be ‘the violent one’ of the group, but here she’s being serious – we just don’t know it right away. Yuri, club president and a keen chef, frets about running low on ingredients, which becomes less comical when we learn the stakes. Miki initially seems resentful of Yuki’s naiveté, until it clicks that she really hates Yuki’s delusions. It’s all incredibly cleverly structured and well presented.
But School-Live! offers far more than a Highschool of the Dead redux with an inventive twist. It’s deeply psychological, and will leave you questioning your own understanding of what’s real – demanding you re-evaluate your own subjective experiences with every shocking development. And consider this – if Yuki’s damaged perception is the main viewpoint into the series, is anything as it seems?

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