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11:00 - 30th December 2015, by NEO Staff

Flowers of Evil – Complete Collection

Distributor: MVM
Date: Out Now

Adapted from the now-infamous manga, Flowers of Evil is a darkly disturbing psychological drama that follows Takao Kasuga, your seemingly-average small town bibliophile. When he one day decides to steal the gym kit of his crush (as you do), he ends up getting drawn into a grim web of guilt and blackmail by a fellow student, Sawa Nakamura, who witnessed his impulsive crime. As the two spend more time together, Takao and Sawa develop a strange kind of relationship, while Takao gets closer to the subject of his previously-mentioned crush, Nanako Saeki. Caught between the two girls, and weighed down by feelings of guilt and insecurity, Takao’s story goes from dark to even darker, in this tale of coercion, manipulation, and unhealthy romance.

The series uses an uncanny rotoscoping style for the animation – the characters and locations are first filmed in live-action, and then illustrated by tracing over the top of the photographed frames. The result is a slightly unsettling aesthetic which only compounds the deeply unpleasant drama of the story. The artistic choice was met with a lot of controversy when first released, due to its huge departure from traditional anime art styles (as well as the fact that it’s incredibly unnerving), but the series – which is the first anime to use nothing but rotoscoping throughout – has since been met with a great deal of critical acclaim for its bold stylistic choices.

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