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09:17 - 30th June 2016, by NEO Staff

Anime Exposé Lupin III – Part 4

The greatest thief in the world may finally be in over his head, with a series of heists taking him across Italy, into conflict with MI6, and facing his biggest challenge yet – marriage!

The Italian Job

Jewels, art, vehicles, even buildings – there’s nothing the international super thief Arséne Lupin III can’t steal. Doggedly pursued around the world by Interpol’s Inspector Zenigata, Lupin is intermittently aided in his audacious heists by ace gunman Daisuke Jigen, modern day samurai Goemon Ishikawa XIII, and femme fatale Fujiko Mine.

The crew’s latest adventure brings them to Italy, a country renowned for its rich history and natural beauty – not to mention a host of national treasures ripe for the picking! But this latest entry in the Lupin III saga promises more than another round of cat-and-mouse chases as Lupin and Zenigata match wits. For the first time, the notorious ladies’ man Lupin may be settling down, with the series opening on his wedding!

The woman to catch Lupin’s heart is one Rebecca Rossellini, Italy’s answer to Paris Hilton. Heiress to a business empire, she has her hand in everything from movie production to finance, and wants for nothing. There’s a side effect to unlimited privilege though – boredom. Rebecca is every bit the thrill seeker Lupin is, and it’s soon revealed she’s using the charming antihero as a patsy to cover her own crimes!

However, when the dust settles on their explosive wedding night and Rebecca disappears with a priceless crown, the pair are still legally married, leaving Lupin to play along with her games just to get her to sign the divorce papers. Gorgeous women have always been Lupin’s weakness, and the mercurial affections of Fujiko have usually been his downfall – can he possibly handle Rebecca’s seductive wiles too?

As if that weren’t enough to contend with, Part 4 also introduces a more direct threat: Agent Nyx of MI6. While Lupin and Zenigata have evolved a strange respect for each other over the years, Nyx isn’t interested in playing games. This brutal operative of Her Majesty crosses paths with Lupin while protecting a British royal visiting Italy, but soon becomes obsessed with stopping – or even killing – his new nemesis.

As their European “vacation” becomes increasingly complex, the net draws in on Lupin’s clan of thieves. Can they escape to steal another day? And how does Wataru, Rebecca’s lost love, factor into all their futures?

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