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12:06 - 23rd February 2012, by Matt Kamen

The New Prince of Tennis

Since its print debut as a hugely successful manga series, Prince of Tennis has gone on to inspire an initial 178 episode TV anime charting the team's rise through the leagues and up to the All-Japan Nationals tournament, 27 OVA episodes that continue the tale through that milestone, four movies - three animated, one live action, with Kanata Hongo of Gantz fame in the starring role - and even a series of stage musicals. Prince of Tennis is nothing short of a phenomenon, and its return to Japanese airwaves is receiving a warm welcome, as it debuts with a brand new series, Prince of Tennis II.

Directed by Le Chevalier d'Eon's Hideyo Yamamoto, the new series brings the fantastically tense - and often personal - matches to life with a speedy presentation that perfectly captures the fluid nature of the sport. Framing battles through the one-on-one game of tennis (and the occasional doubles match, of course) is undeniably a different approach to delivering the action, but with almost super-powered racket moves and incredible visual flair, there's excitement enough to give even the most devoted Naruto or Bleach fan the thrills they crave.

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