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13:05 - 1st March 2012, by David West

Meet the Dragon King

One of the brightest young mages in Fairy Tail is Natsu Dragneel. To say that Natsu was raised in non-traditional family environment would be putting it mildly. Young Natsu's foster parent was a mighty dragon called Igneel. The techniques of Natsu's particular brand of fire magic, known as Dragon Slayer magic, were passed to him by Igneel, who disappeared without trace or notice several years ago. Natsu has been keeping his ears and eyes open for any sign of his absent foster parent ever since, but so far every lead has proved to be a dead end. He suffers terribly from motion sickness and even the shortest trip in a wagon or train is sure to leave him a giddy, queasy wreck. Fire magic suits Natsu's hot-headed temperament - he loves a chance to tussle and has a tendency to think every problem can be solved by hitting it. He can not only manipulate fire, he eats it too. In battle he is reckless and wild and the power of his fire magic means that he typically leaves a swathe of destruction in his wake. With friends like this, who needs enemies? What you really want is the fire department.
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