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Reideen: The Superior

Japan can run out of ideas just as much as Hollywood. And when your studio needs some work, there's always a '70s robot that could use a fresh coat of paint and a toy line for a new generation. Sometimes, however, the reboot goes way off the map.

Such is the case with the 1996 reboot of the Reideen franchise. A hot blooded robot show from 1975, Brave Reideen had a more literal reworking in 2007, but despite maintaining a tenuous link to the original, Reideen: The Superior is anything but a show for fans of the original.

Instead, this Reideen is total fangirl fodder, featuring a cast of naked pretty boys who form a boy band to cover up for their monster fighting operations. They take on cameo roles, wear trendy clothes, and fawn over various girls, especially an idol singer named Kirari who's a dead ringer for leading man Hisho's comatose girlfriend. A rival group of heroes also makes a mid-series debut, and in true manly fashion, they're also a boy band called The Hearts, squaring off our heroes in the group Angel. We couldn't make this up.

That isn't to say that there's nothing for the guys, however, although the story and action rarely go past the norm for a kids' show. Despite being based on a giant robot series, this Reideen more closely resembles Power Rangers, with a team of colour-coded power armoured heroes fighting a monster of the weak. The reason? The Super Devils (no, really, that's what they're called) are trying to collect the 12 Zodiac Orbs to summon the Superior and destroy the universe and of course our heroes have to stop them. Even though they don't know what the villains are up to. We aren't making that up either.

Needless to say, it's impossible to take Reideen: The Superior seriously, but fans going in expecting a high camp factor and some laughably dated CG (or watching it to see Hirotoshi Takaya's attractively angular character designs) will find it a fun, fluffy romp.

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