10:00 - 22nd December 2013, by NEO Staff

New Digital Anime Service

Streaming anime services are certainly well established for English speaking audiences, but somehow it always seems as though our continental cousins are one step ahead of the UK when it comes to consuming their favourite shows. Wakanim is one such service - a French platform that allows greater freedom than ever before for consumers to watch and even download shows recently broadcast in Japan.

Now, Wakanim creator Olivier Cervantès plans to work in conjunction with Andrew Partridge's Anime Limited to bring this same platform to the UK - and there are plenty of features to woo even the most cynical otaku as to its charms. For one month after broadcast in Japan, Wakanim will offer free streams in SD and 720p with just one minute of advertising per video, plus a free download service that allows registered users to watch anime later. Premium membership will allow HD or SD streaming for 69p per episode, plus DRM-free downloading in an MP4 format for just £1.69 per episode. There are no subscriptions - just the opportunity for consumers to support anime in a legal and convenient way.

The business model differs from Crunchyroll and Anime on Demand as it does not offer a subscription service, and allows people to legally download episodes to keep and watch however they like. This desire to combat piracy directly with their legal equivalents illustrates one of Wakanim's primary goals - to give fans a real alternative to illegal downloads that in turn allows anime companies to generate revenue from overseas' fans intense desires to watch anime as soon as it is aired in Japan. has already simulcast episodes of Kill la Kill on Anime Limited's site, and the UK distributor will be purchasing titles for future streaming on Wakanim. Titles already licensed include the aforementioned Kill la Kill and Samurai Flamenco.

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