10:18 - 28th April 2014, by NEO Staff

The Year of the Dragon (Ball)

It might be the Year of the Horse on the Chinese calendar, but according to NEO's anime wall chart, it's actually the year of the Dragon Ball. We're making this declaration following Manga's YouTube announcement that the company will be releasing the original Dragon Ball series starting this May. The show, set before events that take place in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, is the story of Goku as a young boy.

"Dragon Ball Z was one of Manga's top five best-selling franchises in 2013 and the trend looks set to continue with the release of the original Dragon Ball series collection in May," Jerome Mazandarani of Manga Entertainment told NEO.

This release follows on from the launch of Dragon Ball GT in January - the original series which was created by Toei thanks to the massive success of the franchise in Japan. Not based on the manga by Akira Toriyama, Grand Tour takes Goku back to his childhood, as he is transformed by the evil Lord Pilaf into a kid again. In many ways, it's the perfect introduction to the original Dragon Ball series, which sees Goku just starting out as a young 'un!

"We know that many British shonen fans can't wait to get their hands on the original series and we are very excited to finally be releasing it on DVD in the UK," Jerome added. "We are working in conjunction with Toei Animation on this release and I am happy to confirm we will be using the PAL masters created by Madman Entertainment for their original Australian release of the Dragon Ball Saga collections one and two. We will be re-packaging these Saga sets across five box sets. I sincerely hope that British fans embrace this release and I look forward to bringing even more Dragon Ball goodness to the UK soon."

The first of these sets will be launched in the UK on 5 May, and all five box sets can be pre-ordered via Amazon UK now. If you can't wait that long for some Dragon Ball goodness, you can pick up NEO 120, which covered the Dragon Ball GT series, or head to your favourite retailer to pick up Manga's release of Dragon Ball Z now!

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