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No Game No Life

Disboard is a world where normal conflict and violence have become impossible by divine decree, everything is resolved with bets and games. Head down the rabbit hole to this world of colour, beauty, magic and betrayal, as the greatest game of all begins!

Eighteen year old Sora and his chess-genius younger sister Shiro are hikkikomori, social outcasts who can’t function in the chaotic and random real world. In the rules-driven world of online gaming though, they’re unbeatable. Together they are the legendary [Blank], digital legends, undefeated in any game of PvP regardless of genre. But that all changes when they are contacted by Tet, the god of games and play, and challenged to a game of chess.

Tet pulls them into Disboard, where all violence and war have been replaced with games and bets. From small personal squabbles to grand political intrigues, everything comes down to games played with ten simple rules, or Pledges, which are enforced by Tet’s magic. Rather than the typical “quest to get home”, No Game No Life throws its main characters from a world they hate to one they love and refuse to leave. Sora and Shiro set out to use their gaming skills to climb the political hierarchy of their wonderful new home.

Sora and Shiro quickly find the other 15 races of Disboard are keeping down the magically-inept humans. The wording of the pledges means cheating isn’t a problem – getting caught cheating is. And humans can’t tell when magic is being used to cheat, keeping them on the bottom of the food chain. Sora and Shiro join forces with Stephanie, granddaughter of the human king, to bring about change and drag humanity up to the top.

While Sora and Shiro had no idea how things work in our world, Disboard is exactly where they always wanted to be. They must use their wits, their gaming expertise and, when all that fails, sheer bravado to navigate a maze of deception, sleight of hand and political intrigue if they want to reach their target – Tet’s throne.

No Game No Life is a refreshing blend of beautiful art, smart writing and a self-aware sense of humour. Adapted from the light novels and manga by Brazilian illustrator Yu Kamiya, the series is produced by Madhouse. Every part of each frame is crammed with high-quality animations and in-jokes among the anime and otaku communities, at once awe-inspiring and genuinely funny. Honestly, we didn’t expect much from the series, but No Game No Life has proven itself one of the best shows of the year. No Game No Life is streaming to the UK now, via

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