11:00 - 5th September 2015, by NEO Staff

Fine And Dandy

Space. It’s dark and mostly empty. Much like the mind of one Space Dandy. He’s an alien bounty hunter, prowling the galaxy trying to snag samples of rare species in the hopes of scoring a sweet reward when he drags them to the Alien Registration Centre. And when he’s not doing that, he’s usually found in the nearest branch of his favourite restaurant chain Boobies, trying in vain to impress the buxom staff with his pompadour and tales of his exploits. With his trusty crewmates Meow and QT, Dandy flies his ship the Aloha Oe out amongst the stars seeking adventure, hot babes, and bounty.

The vast, cold emptiness of space would be a chilly experience if you had to go it alone. Fortunately for Dandy, he is not a lonesome soul cast adrift in the inky darkness of the cosmos. His crewmates and fellow alien hunters are Meow and QT. The feline Meow is often mistaken for a cat, a mistake sure to put his whiskers out of joint. He’s actually from Betelgeuse. Meow is lazy, always hungry and self-centred. But honestly, the cat thing is pure coincidence. QT, on the other hand, may be a robot, but is the grown up of the gang. Which means QT does the lion’s share of the chores aboard the Aloha Oe, cleaning up the many messes created by inveterate slackers Dandy and Meow. The little robot must have an enormous capacity for being long-suffering programmed into the old operating system.

Slap some grease in your hair, tease up that pompadour, and jump aboard the Aloha Oe for Space Dandy Season 2 from Anime Ltd.

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