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Ichigo Kurosaki has some competition – he’s not the only soul reaper in anime town anymore! Unlike the brooding, scowl-prone hero of Bleach though, Rinne Rokudo doesn’t take his responsibilities as a shinigami quite so seriously. Luckily, he has classmate Sakura Mamiya to keep him in line!

Sakura herself has long had a connection to the afterlife. Much like Chihiro in Spirited Away, she was drawn into the spirit world as a child (thankfully without the parents-turning-into-pigs part) but returned safely with the aid of Tamako, a resident shinigami. However, Sakura ate some candy while there, making her able to see ghosts in our world.

It’s an ability she hoped would fade with time but, much to her dismay, it hasn’t. Now in high school, she’s pestered daily by restless shades. Sakura even thinks Rinne is a ghost when she meets him, as no one else sees him. He’s very much alive though, just descended from shinigami – specifically Tamako, his grandma. Having inherited her responsibilities, he wears a mystic haori, rendering him invisible to the living while he guides confused spirits onto the “Rinne no Wa”, the Wheel of Reincarnation, and battles those who’ve turned evil.

He’s even set up his own small business, spreading a rumour that leaving an offering in an old weatherbox will summon a shinigami to solve supernatural problems. It’s no scam, either – being a shinigami doesn’t come cheap. Although Rinne is armed with a host of ghost-sweeping gadgets, everything he uses comes with a price tag. If he doesn’t have enough cash to hand, he can forget about sending rampaging spirits to their next life!

As Sakura and Rinne come to know each other, they begin to bond over their shared link to the world beyond, and soon start tackling hauntings and other weird cases together. But living or dead, relationships don’t run smooth, and their world starts getting even stranger with the arrival of jealous exorcists, greedy feline familiars, demon lords and – worst of all – Rinne’s nefarious father...

Rin-ne has already been licensed in the US by Sentai Filmworks. Hopefully, the 25-episode series will make its way to the UK in short order.

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