15:00 - 6th September 2015, by NEO Staff

Ore Monogatari: My Love Story!!

Anime is full of “will they, won’t they?” romances, drawn out for dozens of episodes or more. Yawn. If, like us, you’re bored of the same old love story eternally retold, we have just the show for you – though its leading man isn’t your standard Romeo!

Takeo Gouda is a giant of a man – and he’s not even a man yet. Just entering high school, he towers over his peers, and most adults too. He always has, right back to kindergarten, when his intimidating presence and excitable personality scared off most who saw him. Contrary to appearances though, he’s the gentlest soul you’re likely to meet, but lonelier than he’d ever admit. His only close friend is Makoto ‘Suna’ Sunakawa, who’s the exact opposite. Gorgeous, cool, and popular, Suna has drawn the attention of every girl Takeo has ever liked, but always turned them down.

Then they meet Rinko Yamato, and everything changes. Rescuing her from a molester on a crowded train, Takeo falls immediately in love – and she does too. But after years of people running at the sight of him, poor Takeo’s self-esteem is so low, he can’t even imagine a girl like Rinko would be interested in him. She must be into Suna, like all the other girls he’s ever met, surely? Heartbreakingly, he doesn’t even realise he’s been emotionally bludgeoned all his life, and thinks trying to get Rinko and Suna together is the right thing to do!

For a change, it’s the soft-spoken female lead that does the chasing, slowly courting Takeo with her delicious home-made sweets. At the same time, he impresses her more and more with his kindness and selflessness, literally saving her life. The boy just isn’t getting it though, and it takes a touching – if comical – bit of manipulation on Suna’s part to get the pair to confess their feelings.

So begins one of the more revolutionary romances you’re likely to see in anime, one challenging expectations of appearance, gender roles, and even storytelling tropes. The course of young love does, for once, seem to run smooth!

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