15:00 - 3rd March 2016, by NEO Staff

Akame Ga Kill!

The sprawling Imperial Capital may be a sight to behold, with its artistic towers and quaint cobbled streets, but it has a festering core for those who fall foul of its less savoury inhabitants. This is a lesson that Tatsumi, the skilled yet cocky country boy, finds out to his peril when he arrives at the big city. Intending to make his fortune and save his village by becoming an officer in the military, he soon finds that the fairest faces can be hiding dark secrets, and that friends and allies can actually be found among those who look like villains at first glance. Such as the team of assassins known as Night Raid, who, while they are hunted and reviled by the government, carry out swift – and gory – retribution against the Imperial Prime Minister and other corrupt aristocrats.

Tatsumi is your classic fantasy farm boy, taking up a massive sword to fight monsters and injustice wherever he finds it, but even his skills might leave him outmatched next to his new comrades in the ranks of Night Raid: from scissor-wielding Sheele to the hulking armoured Bulat – and of course, the cold-eyed swordswoman Akame – the assassins are as diverse and deadly as you’d expect, and Tatsumi will have his work cut out for him if he wants to prove himself among their ranks!

The original manga has already proved a hit with both Japanese and western audiences, and with the adaptation being handled by White Fox, who despite their relatively fresh start as a studio have created such series as The Devil Is A Part-Timer! and Jormungand, Akame Ga Kill! looks set to be one of the biggest hits of 2016.

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