10:48 - 2nd April 2012, by David West

Manga Announces New Acquisitions at MCM Expo

This weekend at the Birmingham Comic Con MCM Expo, Manga's Jerome Mazandarani announced the company's latest batch of acquisitions. Here are the crib notes of what you can expect to see this year!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo - magical girl series in which the heroine uses her powers to fight evil witches
Licensed from Aniplex; 12 episodes
Release date tbc, but it will be in 2012

Panty And Stocking With Garter Belt
A cheeky comedy series about two angels - Panty and Stocking - kicked out of heaven for bad behaviour, trying to make amends on Earth (and generally failing) by fighting monsters
Licensed from Kadokawa; 13 episodes
Release date TBC, but it will be in 2012.

Okami-san And Her Seven Companions
A romance comedy making fun of classic fairytales as high school girl Ryoko Okami forms a club to help fix student's problems
Licensed from Funimation; 12 episodes
Release date late 2012

Chaos Head
A hikkikomori stumbles upon a murder scene and uncovers a strange plot called 'New Generation' - or it is all a delusion?
Licensed from Funimation; 12 episodes
Release date: 22nd October on DVD only

Baka And Test Season 2
High school shenanigans as lowly pupil Yoshii tries to rise up the ranks
Licensed from Funimation; 12 episodes
Release date: 9th July on DVD only

Fullmetal Alchemist Movie 2: Sacred Star of Milos
Licensed from Funimation
UK theatrical premiere at BFI Anime Festival on 8th June. Special guest Q&A with the director Murata Kazuya and producer Masahiko Minami.
The movie will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 3rd September.
Manga will also be releasing a movie double pack on DVD and Blu-ray containing Conqueror of Shamballa> and Sacred Star of Milos. This will be the first time Shambala has been available on Blu-ray in the UK. Sweet!

Princess Resurrection
Umlucky lad Hiro becomes the servant to the princess of the Monster Realm after he dies while saving her life. That's gratitude for you!
Complete Series coming out in August

Squid Girl
A comedy in which Squid Girl comes out of the ocean to make mankind pay for polluting the seas, only to wind up working as a waitress.
First season

The World God Only Knows
Keima Katsuragi is a master of dating games until he is forced to try to date real girls to free them from demonic possession. Just like The Exorcist. Probably.
First Series complete collection coming out late Summer.

What has got your otaku pulse racing, NEO readers? Which titles will be on your Must See list for the rest of 2012?

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