09:59 - 15th May 2012, by David West

Sonia Leong Announces Special Offer on Aya Takeo at MCM Expo

British manga artist Sonia Leong is just one of the many guests who be attending the London MCM Expo this month.

Sonia's work includes Manga Shakespeare: Romeo And Juliet and her latest series Aya Takeo, illustrated by Sonia and written by Lloyd Prentice.

"Aya Takeo is a full-colour sci-fi action adventure, a story of space, time, civilisation and star-crossed love," says Sonia. "The love and perseverance between a noblewoman separated from her lowly warrior, amidst a backdrop of a neo-classical Japan under invasion from spider mecha. The series spans 3 volumes, published by Sweatdrop Studios."

Sonia will be selling all three volumes of the series at the Expo, with a special offer just for the event. "If you buy direct from my table, you can buy all three volumes of Aya Takeo - normally £8.99 each - and receive a print or set of prints (worth at least £5, subject to stocks, space and availability) for only £25 in total! So you will get £32 worth of stuff!" she explains.

"At the Expo specifically, you can get this deal Friday through Sunday, but I will only be at the Expo on Sunday if you want me to sign or dedicate anything to you personally, as I am a guest at Melksham Comic Con on the Saturday where I will be offering this deal as well."

The new issue of NEO, which will be out this Thursday 17 May, features an interview with Sonia and an extract from Aya Takeo to give you a taste of the series.

You can learn more about Sonia and her work over at

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