09:50 - 24th July 2012, by David West

Naruto Creator Says Manga To Continue For At Least 18 Months

Masashi Kishimoto has revealed in an interview that Naruto has at least a year and a half left to run before the manga reaches its conclusion.

The orange-clad shinobi made his manga debut in 1999, so if he lasts another year and a half, it could be an epic fifteen year adventure before his final destiny is unveiled.

We asked our Facebook followers what they make of this announcement and the responses were mixed.

On the positive side, Yasmin said, "Good good...even a year and half seems a bit too short", while Emiline concurred, "I'm fine with that, I hate a manga that is rushed D: So a good conclusion at the end."

"Oh I will be sad to see it end but if it finally finished I can finally catch up", wrote Chanelle.

However, that feeling was by no means unanimous. "I love Naruto and such but I think it's gone way too far now," said Maria.

"Time to conclude I think," added Charis. "It already lost me for a few years. Stories that go on too long are a pain to keep up with. Keep making movies but it's time to retire the rowdy ninja as much as I love the series."

What do you think? Is it time to hang up the orange jumpsuit? Or can you never spend enough time in the Leaf Village and in the company of the world's most garrulous shinobi? Comments below please!

On the anime front, the next collection - Naruto Shippuden Box Set 10 - is due from Manga Entertainment on 10 September.

© 2002 Masashi Kishimoto / 2007 Shippuden

Source: ANN

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