14:59 - 13th August 2012, by David West

Hong Kong Celebrates Doraemon's 100th Birthday (Early!)

It might be a rather long way to travel, but this was too cool not to share.

Doraemon is one of Japan's most popular manga and anime characters and his appeal extends across Asia. He first appeared in 1969 and the robot cat from the future has starred in numerous TV series and movies ever since.

He is such an icon that he was appointed Japan's cultural ambassador for anime in 2008.

Being from the future, Doraemon's date of birth is 3 September 2112, meaning 2012 marks the start of the 100 year countdown to his birthday.

To celebrate the pre-anniversary, this summer from August 14 to September 16, Harbour City in Hong Kong will be hosting the 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon exhibition.

In order to mark the occasion of Doraemon's birthday (albeit 100 years early), Harbour City will showcase 100 unique Doraemon figures along with 100 different pieces from his well-known repertoire of secret gadgets, all displayed outside Harbour City's Ocean Terminal.

Furthermore, three famous story scenes will be set up in different parts of Harbour City, as well as the Concept Expo: Gadgets in the Future exhibition showcasing 30 original gadgets from around the world and a pop-up Doraemon themed café located inside Harbour City's LCX.

The Grand Opening Ceremony for 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon will be held on August 14 at 1PM, at Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City (near 5 Flag Poles).

To learnmore, visit the 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon Official Facebook Page.

If anyone manages to see the exhibition, please post some photos on the NEO facebook page and tell us all about it!

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