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09:27 - 6th March 2013, by John Turner

KimiKiss: Various Heroines

Sometimes, after you've finished reading a manga and come away feeling all dirty and a bit soiled, it can be a relief to discover that the storyline was based on a dating sim game, which therefore explains all the inexplicable groping, upskirt shots and fanservice. Sometimes, though, the fact that you're reading something based on a dating sim is inescapably obvious - and so we come to KimiKiss.

Our hapless hero is Kouichi, a bland everyman who has a childhood friend just blossoming into the buxom realm of womanhood. Aforementioned chum is Mao, and she is determined to teach Kouichi a series of 'love lessons', which involve copious amounts of blushing, coy come-ons and an illegal amount of titillation from 'teacher'. Throughout the volume, Mao is always ready to tease Kouichi as she coaches him in vital concerns such as kissing and how to please a girlfriend.

Apart from a bizarre semi-incestuous subplot concerning Kouichi's sister, and some rivals in love, there's not much else to KimiKiss - it's one big tease, full of puckering schoolgirls with heaving chests and blushing cheeks. We're sure it'll be a hit.

Hot and heavy reading for those in need of some love lessons in real life...
SCORE: 2.5/5
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