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10:42 - 7th March 2013, by Amanda Young

Chibi Vampire

Although this manga is titled 'Chibi Vampire', only two of the four short stories here are actually related to the series, and only one features major characters - although even then, they are regulated to the sidelines. Instead, Airmail acts like more of a collection of short stories - but vampire lovers should take note that only the Chibi Vampire short stories actually feature the blood-suckers. The first story is slightly bizarre, telling of a young girl who takes in her teenage neighbour, who for some reason believes he's a baby and needs his nappy changed... Luckily, it gets better than this slightly scatological effort, and the second story is a rather creepy tale of a psychic who has been asked to help a distraught boy to search for his missing girlfriend. Things aren't quite as they seem, though...

It's not until the third entry that we get into Chibi Vampire territory, with 'The Vampire of the West Woods', in which an otaku and a nun find themselves swapping stories about bloodsuckers. But true fans of the series will get the most reward from 'Maki-chan, the Helping Angel of Love'.

Author Yuna Kagesaki is adept at creating stories that contain geninune suspense and some nifty reveals, and fans will also love the nods at otaku culture throughout. Given that the title for this volume advertises it as a Chibi Vampire collection, though, we wonder if any readers will find themselves disappointed with the scant content for that franchise.

A short story collection with added bite...
SCORE: 3/5
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