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12:52 - 13th March 2013, by Amy Sutton

Bleach 5:2

Season five of Bleach continues in this action-packed DVD as the Bounts maintain their invasion of the Soul Society and Ichigo and his team are pushed to their limits in battle with a seemingly invincible enemy.

The fast paced and intense plot will keep your eyes glued to the screen to the very last minute. No corners have been cut and no filler added so you will get plenty for your money.
Spectacular battle scenes have always been a big feature in Bleach and in this volume they remain as original as ever. But these fights never drag on too long so you can be sure that your mind won't be allowed to drift away for a moment before being thrown back into the heat of the plot. The soundtrack is much improved from the last volume and matches up perfectly with the powerful atmosphere that drives this anime. And what's more we are treated to a seriously catchy closing theme by JUNE which is featured in the textless closing as part of this DVD's extras.

This instalment is a must-have for all Bleach fans and well worth a watch even for those new to the series.

A thrilling addition to an anime that just keeps getting better and better.
SCORE: 4/5
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