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16:30 - 21st March 2013, by Amanda Young

The Witch of Artemis

Most of the manga we review is invariably aimed at the older end of the teen market, but occasionally we find an offering clearly intended for a readership just a tad younger. Strangely, manga suitable for children is relatively hard to come across, and the best give away for this type of tale is usually the age of the protagonist. Our hero, Kazuki, looks to be in his early teens, but it's fair to say that most manga readers that age or above might find this a little too simplistic a story.

Kazuki believes that Earth is one of two inhabited 'stars' - the other being the fantasy world of Artemis. His father told him stories of such a place when he was a child, but he seems to be the only one to genuinely believe in its existence. Until, one day - can you guess? - he encounters a strange being from that star and is embroiled in a fairly weird and slightly bland battle between two witches.

There's nothing here that really grabs the attention, and artist Yui Hara's lack of substantial backgrounds mean it's hard to anchor the story in the fantasy world of Artemis. Ultimately, this feels like a confused and rather weak offering.

A bland and average fantasy tale.
SCORE: 2.5/5
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