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13:56 - 28th March 2013, by Amanda Young

Kitchen Princess

At NEO, we love a good gourmet manga. From the macho knife-swinging of Iron Wok Jan, to the delicate appreciation of haute cuisine in Oishinbo, a manga that can tell a good story, teach you about Japanese cuisine, and whet your appetite at the same time is a winner in our book! So, we were definitely looking forward to Kitchen Princess - and it definitely didn't disappoint.

The manga tells the story of orphan Najika, who was rescued as a child by a mysterious stranger, and left only with a silver spoon as a clue to his identity. Now a teenager, Najika is determined to find her prince, and the spoon has led her to enrol in the celebrated Seika Academy, which has the same logo. Armed only with a cheerful spirit and a love of cooking, Najika finds it harder to fit in than she thought. Her repeated attempts to win the bullies over with her thoughtful meals only end up in failure - but luckily, she also gains the attentions of Sora and Daichi Kitazawa, two prominent students. But, who are they, really, and why has Najika been accepted into Seika, despite not having any professed talents?

Kitchen Princess excels in its depictions of delicious meals and beautiful desserts, whipped up with love by artist Natsumi Ando, and written down as recipes by author Miyuki Kobayashi. If you love Japanese food, shoujo stories, and cute heroines, you'll love this culinary tale!

Sweet in more ways than one, Kitchen Princess is a threat to your spare time and your waistline!
SCORE: 4/5
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