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11:30 - 2nd April 2013, by Matt Kamen

Soul Eater

Maka, Soul and company continue their studies at the Death Weapons Meister Academy, where their homework ranges from cramming for important exams to fighting off current main villain, Medusa.

The 13 episodes here express a great variety of action and drama, though each episode usually focuses on one at the expense of the other. One of the key developments is the return of Excalibur, the legendary but insufferable sword that demands an unreasonable amount of reverence from his new wielder, Ox Ford. Throwing in a bizarre West Side Story parody and meetings with Sherlock Holmes as Excalibur outlandishly reveals his past cements him as one of the more offbeat figures of the show.

There are other running sub-plots - such as Maka's conflicted relationship with her deadbeat father and the escalating conflicts with Medusa, the first real witch the heroes have encountered - but the overall story doesn't offer many surprises. Everything is presented and carried off with such self-assured panache that the show's narrative shortcomings can just about be excused. The striking visuals certainly don't hurt in that respect, and Soul Eater remains primarily an artistic powerhouse, backed up by its witty characters and well-executed comedy. Thoroughly watchable, even if it offers few surprises.

Still fairly generic as far as plot goes but saved by fantastic visuals and quirky humour yet again.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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