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11:00 - 5th April 2013, by David West

Baka And Test: Summon The Beasts

It's back to school for Akihisa and his academically challenged chums for another term of bad behaviour. Essentially, nothing has changed from the first season of Baka And Test, but then, why tinker with a formula that works? Shin Ohunma's series is not going to win any awards for Benefits To Mankind, but it delivers gags faster than Muhammad Ali hitting the speed bag. When an anime theme song contains the lyrics, 'My stupidity is greater than the number of stars in the sky,' you know it is in precious little danger of going over anyone's head.

Akihisa is the worst student in class 2-F at Fumizuki Academy, where all the pupils have holographic avatars that they use to do battle against other classes in the hopes of getting better equipment for their homeroom. Akihisa and his classmates are so hopeless they are currently using cardboard boxes for desks. The main focus of the show is not actually on the avatar battles, but on the interplay between the lead characters, which generally involves Akihisa and his pal Yuji accidentally angering the girls Mizuki, Minami and Shouko, who then inflict great suffering upon them. There is slapstick galore, an awful lot of cross-dressing, and explosive nosebleeds from aspiring panty photographer Kouta. The English dub benefits hugely from the deadpan narrator, who sounds so totally dispirited it almost makes you feel sorry for him. Almost.

Thoroughly ridiculous, unashamedly silly, and more fun than school has any right to be. Class dismissed!
SCORE: 4/5
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