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08:46 - 9th April 2013, by Rob Burman


Everything must come to an end and that's exactly what we have here. The escalating war between the Earth Alliance and the militant ZAFT comes to a head in the final five episodes of the SEED franchise. Staying true to form, there's plenty of action (and shouting) in this final instalment, but will your battling robot desires be satisfied?

After 50 episodes there have been many different themes in SEED, with plot strands spanning several shows, if not volumes. But as things come to a close, many of these strands get tied up with satisfying results. Relationships that have been bubbling under in previous discs rise to the surface here and there are some gut wrenchingly emotional moments. The characters have always been a strong point in SEED and it's good to see they still shine through right until the end.

But before we start blubbing like little babies, let's talk about the magnificent mechas. Space battles feature heavily in the series' final stages and the skirmishes between Gundams are beautifully crafted. The climatic battle between our anti-war hero Kira Yamato and the evil Char Aznable is beautifully over-the-top with Aznable spouting lines about a new dawn for mankind and the like. Unfortunately, although many of the scenes featuring the mechas are spectacular, the final episodes do suffer a lot from repeated animations. We imagine this wouldn't be a problem when watching the show over a series of weeks but viewing them back-to-back highlights some sequences used again, which is a shame - particularly for the poor ZAFT lacky that gets killed several times.

However, in the climax's favour there are some interesting issues raised by the conflict. The issue of nuclear war raises its ugly head and many of the characters are pulled between winning the war and resorting to the ultimate weapon. There are some nice little ironies too, like the nuclear bomb squad being called 'the peace maker force'. The final episodes of SEED are a decent, if somewhat sad, close to an enjoyable series.

DVD Extras Japanese, English, French and German audio; English, French, Dutch and Polish subtitles; textless ending and opening; epilogue and character/mecha files.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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